ONUR – Beautiful Time | Music Video


Rising talent ONUR is finally unveiling his first ever music video for his new single “Beautiful Time“. The 22-year-old singer, songwriter & producer has been making waves from last year with singles “Stunnah” and “I Don’t Know Why I Fall In Love“. Now we have video.


The track itself is a groovy, epicurean ode to the present. He impressively meets the sometimes larger-than-life sonics of alt-pop with the emotional connection found in R&B in pleasing balance. “Beautiful Time” compares his childhood as the unpopular kid from Turkish descent with his now-fulfilling and joyful life as an emerging artist.


“I was always a very unpopular kid at school. I never really got invited out to all the parties and I was never the flagship boy […] This song tells a tale of the impact of people’s actions on my emotions during my school life, but at the same time, also exclaiming the realisation that present times are beautiful, different and I’m here to enjoy them.”


Directed by rising filmmaker Jasper-Cable Alexander, “Beautiful Time” was shot in Bristol with the help of a few friends and a camcorder. It authentically captures his DIY aesthetic and the joy he feels in life now. We get party shots, cuts of a trip to the shops and a general honest look at ONUR’s life.


“Beautiful Time” is featured on ONUR’s fresh new EP A Millennial Rhapsody, expected to receive great reception from industry and renowned media outlets alike. Catch him live on May 4 at The Social in London, celebrating the release of A Millennial Rhapsody!




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