Ophelia Lovibond & Jake Johnson To Star In HBO’s ‘Minx’ | TV News


The Deuce recently concluded, and it seems HBO felt they had to fill the gap left by one show revolving around the 1970s adult entertainment industry with another.


Thus, the network has ordered Minx, a show about the titular first erotic magazine aimed at women. It will be a half-hour comedy series consisting of ten episodes, and Ophelia Lovibond and Jake Johnson are on board to star.


Ellen Rapoport will helm the show, which boasts Paul Feig as an executive producer. Lionsgate Television is backing the show, which will be set in Los Angeles and follow the beginnings of the magazine created by an eager young feminist and a low-rent publisher.


“I’m so grateful to Feigco, Lionsgate and HBO Max for seeing the potential in this story from the first time I showed up in their offices with stacks of 70s porn magazines”, Rapoport said in a statement.


The subject matter will be enough to get audiences interested, but the talented cast should keep them around. Johnson has frequently killed it in comedy roles over the last decade with his deadpan demeanor – most notably in New Girl – while Lovibond has proven her comedy chops as well, excelling in shows like W1A and Elementary.


While it’s easy to compare Minx to The Deuce due to their similar period settings, that show was a darker drama, while it sounds like this will be a more light-hearted spin on porn and feminism. As HBO Max looks to stay afloat in the streaming wars, Minx should be a solid addition to its roster.



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