Orange County Singer-Songwriter Olen Releases New Single ‘Got A Name’

The singer-songwriter from Orange County, California Olen has released his new single titled “Got A Name” and it surely gets the attention it deserves.

Olen Kittelsen has always been “a little bit of a late bloomer,” but now that he’s been in the music business for almost ten years, he’s ready for his big debut. Olen creates pop music with a personal touch, and his compositions range from upbeat to melancholy.

The California singer/songwriter is known for letting his emotions flow over upbeat, upbeat melodies. At the heart of his art is a person who is merely attempting to make sense of his surroundings, whether he is soar high on a bright song or linger in a sensitive ballad. In his debut EP, so CoDependent, Olen shows signs of maturing as an artist and a person.

The jubilant first single “Got a Name,” a broad, sweeping pop tune with irresistible charm and a euphoric, sun-kissed bounce, kicks off the album. His dynamic performance reflects a sincere quest for meaning and comprehension. “My parents called me Olen and I’m still trying to figure out what that means to me,” says the artist.

Olen exclaims, “Oh, I’ve got a name,” setting off his inner reckoning with a catchy chorus hook. The singer serves as a reminder from the artist that self-discovery is a process that never truly ends and is always present. Olen’s debut EP is without a doubt the product of a late bloomer who is now in their prime.

Listen and enjoy the new release “Got A Name” below!


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