‘Orange Is The New Black’ Unveils New Trailer For Season 6 | TV Trailers


Our favourite inmates are back on the small screen. The sixth season of Orange Is The New Black will be back July 27 on Netflix and it kicks off right where the cliffhanger of last season left the gang.


Season 5, that somehow felt a little bit underwhelming compared to previous ones, ended with a riot taking place in the penitentiary and with the majority of the prisoners evacuated to a new facility.


The new trailer, comes right after a series of tweets were released on the official OITNB Twitter page featuring mugshots of some of the characters who will return for Season 6.


From the first look, at least half of the Litchfield gang will be back and things are going to hit up as they will face a “whole new world” in the new prison.


With big questions looming over their head (“Where is Alex?” asks a suspicious Piper) and a bunch of new characters that will definitely shake things up, the new series is off to a good start, especially after last season’s disappointment due to a change in the writing room.


It was something that even Showrunner Jenji Kohan admitted not being “anyone’s fault. It was just a new dynamic — people were attached to the characters as viewers, not as creators.”


But with fresh meat thrown into the fire, Season 6 will pick up right where it left and it will rise from the ashes.




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