Organizer Blames ‘Meddling’ Priest For Postponed Chief Keef’ Hologram Concert | Music News


As previously reported, Chief Keef was due to perform a benefit hologram concert in Chicago, memorializing a toddler who was killed by a car after fleeing the scene of rapper Capo’s fatal shooting. The Chicago Tribune reports that the concert has been postponed, and according to event organizer Alki David, it has been postponed following opposition from Reverend Michael Pfleger, who is a pastor at Chicago’s St. Sabina Catholic Church.


The meddling, attention seeking Father Pfleger, who bullied the owner of the downtown theatre to back out of his contract, will not succeed“, David said in an email to the Tribune. “He is exploiting this tragedy and taking money away from the victims and solid charities who are doing good work in Chicago“.


Pfleger had opposed the concert on Facebook earlier in the week and wrote: “Instead of having a concert … why doesn’t he man up and acknowledge it’s time to stop this violence and apologize for his part in it!!!!“. A representative of the theatre, Redmoon, told the Tribune that Pfleger didn’t make direct contact, but that they had not understood “the full nature of the event“.



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