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Orla Garland – Figure It Out | New Music

Conversations About Her

Orla Garland – Figure It Out | New Music


Orla Gartland is an Indie Pop songstress. Her most recent EP, Why Am I Like This is composed of her previous single “Why Am I Like This“ and “Flatine“ which have both been released in 2019.


Her tracks have been described as aptly voiced existential pop and received phenomenal support, with the artist’s latest-growing track to date, garnering over a million Spotify stream.


She has been compared to artist such as St.Vincent, Regina Spektor and HAIM. Gartland has also received support from key tastemakers such as The Line of Best Fit, Pop Justice and The405, among many others.


To date, her music has been streamed over 8 million times on Spotify alone, with well over 450k monthly followers on the platform, and well over 220K+ YouTube subscribers alongside thousands of loyal online supporters across socials.


Hot Press says about her: “The dry wit and irreverent style that saw Regina Spektor become a star ”.


On November 1, she made her come back with a new track. Titled “Figure It Out”, it’s the second single from Orla Garland’s upcoming EP Freckle Season, due to be out on February 21. It’s her first one dealing with break up.


The track is led by impassioned impressive vocals that build in restlessness before exploding into a cacophony of crunching guitar and exasperate heartache.


The verses detail the frustration of us politely circling around one another in the aftermath of the break up, seeing each other at a New Year’s party, making conversation here and there… and then the tension builds towards the chorus and I just lose it. I felt angry one second and calm the next. I wanted the contrast in emotion between these two parts of the song to feel like night and day ”, she says about it.


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