Oscar Isaac In Talks To Voice Gomez In Animated ‘Addams Family’ Project | Film News

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Oscar Isaac In Talks To Voice Gomez In Animated ‘Addams Family’ Project | Film News


A few months ago, after laying dormant for what seemed like years after Tim Burton‘s stop-motion idea was scrapped, there was finally movement on a new version of The Addams Family, with Conrad Vernon (Sausage Party) signing on to direct an animated version of the classic gothic family.


The voice cast is now beginning to come together, as Oscar Isaac is reportedly in talks to voice Gomez Addams, the patriarch of the family. This is casting news that fans have been clamouring for, so this should please them, and as for other casting news, MGM is reportedly looking to finalise the deal with Isaac before moving onto the rest of the family.


Created by cartoonist Charles Addams in the late 1930s, many adaptations in very different forms followed for the family, including TV series, both live-action and animated, as well as a series of feature films. This new incarnation will be written by Pamela Pettler (Corpse Bride).


In related news, the film also now has an official release date: October 11, 2019, which currently puts it up against the somewhat similar Are You Afraid Of The Dark? adaptation.


It’s possible though, that the two films, despite ostensibly trying to attract the same demographic, will be very different in tone, with the latter likely being a more kid-friendly adaptation like the recent Goosebumps film that starred Jack Black.


That’s just speculation though, as it’s unclear whether Vernon’s film will be dark like the source material or a little more comedic like his recent film, Sausage Party.


Either way, this is exciting news for fans that have been waiting on a new incarnation of The Addams Family for years, and have been repeatedly frustrated by the inability for any studio to get a project off the ground. We now wait on confirmation of Isaac’s casting, and the addition of other cast members.



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