Otis Mensah – Ted Talks | Music Video


Rising star Otis Mensah has recently released a new video for his experimental hip-hop track “Ted Talks”. As an emerging artist, Otis has performed live with such stars as Arrested Development, Killah Priest, Oddisee and Illa J and Mahalia, and has toured his latest album Mum’s House Philosopher around the UK and Europe.


Otis’ music feature impressive lyrics, which flow throughout his songs like a stream of consciousness. His incredible ability to express himself, even about complicate topics, is evident in his debut book SAFE METAMORPHOSIS!!. This book is a collection of poems and philosophical ideas and was followed by his new EP Rap Poetics, which includes “Ted Talks”.


“Ted Talks” is quite a short song (around 2 minutes), but the artist manages to concentrate a large variety of topics and references, making the listening an intence experience. The music video features the artist singing in a library and staring at the camera throughout all the song. This way, the clip creates a strong connection between the singer and the listener.


As Otis has recently stated, the single “explores rap as an intellectual art-form and potent medium of poetry in the face of a white-washed, elitist art world“.


The song also “focuses on the power of vulnerability and artistic expression as emotional communication and is an ode to valuing art as activism in the face of oppressive systems. In the vein and nature of Hip-Hop, alchemizing worlds from words in celebration of the culture”.


Watch the video for “Ted Talks” below:




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