‘Ouija’ Unveils UK Trailer Starring Olivia Cooke | Film Trailer


It is unfortunate the amount of discrediting horror films coming out these days, and sadly this new feature does not seem like any exception. Universal has released a new UK trailer for the upcoming horror film Ouija directed by Stiles White. As I am sure you already guessed, a group of foolish teenagers get their hands on an Ouija board, and as they attempt to contact a recently deceased friend, things take a turn for the worst. Before you know it, supernatural horrors are hounding these young teens, and escaping them seems near impossible… unless you die of course.


When viewing the trailer, you will be met by cheap thrills and just about every cliché you would expect of a supernatural horror film. I did enjoy, however, the brief moments away from all the Ouija drama, where flashes of creepy Victorian photographs hit the screen with a screech (very reminiscent of American Horror Story’s opening titles). As it progressed, the narrative appeared to be quite predictable, and the visuals did not do much to stimulate ones interests.


I think the high moment in my viewing was when a young woman stands innocently in front of a mirror casually flossing her teeth… until of course the music heightens and she has in fact ‘flossed’ her mouth closed. Yucky. Brought to you by the producer of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and the producer of Insidious, Ouija will star Daren Kagasoff, Douglas Smith and Olivia Cooke, and will hit theatres on October 24, just in time for Halloween.



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