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our girl


Shooting out of the legendary musical hot-spot that is Brighton, Our Girl treats us to a delightfully moody indie track “Sleeper”. At first I was disappointed with myself at how they managed to stealthily go under my ‘up-coming artists’ scouting radar. However, I quickly forgave my inability to discover this band when this feeling of disappointment soon transformed into amazement as I learned this is in fact a debut single.


With dreamy guitar chords, gloomy and dark, yet melodic vocals and a hardcore underlying soul, to come straight out of the gates with an adventurous and matured sound like their own is quite a feat. “Sleeper” is to be officially released on December 11 alongside an additional track “Level” which I’m very excited to hear. But to hear it early on Cannibal Hymns‘ Soundcloud page, then click below:




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