‘Outlander’ Season 4 Trailer Teases New American Adventure For Claire And Jamie | TV Trailer


There is a whole new continent to uncover in the new epic trailer for Outlander Season 4.


The Starz series, based on the best-selling novels from Diana Gabaldon, follows the story of Claire, a nurse from World War II, who discovers a time travelling path through a stone that takes her back to 1743 Scotland. Here she meets and falls in love with the handsome Jamie Fraser, a highlander warrior. As games of power, betrayal and mysteries unravel, a love story that will endure throughout centuries starts between the two.


For those who like beautiful landscapes, a brooding romance that transcends time and those Nordic accents from the island, I’m telling you, you are losing out on this one if you still haven’t watch it.


Outlander is a stunning and well-acted period piece that offers everything, from romance and adventure, to political scheme and wars. After wrapping up season 3 last year, time has come for season 4 to come back on our screens.


The season will arrive in November, but courtesy to Starz, a snippet has been unveiled in anticipation for it. The trailer sees Jamie and Claire sailing all the way to America, where new adventures, mysteries and troubles are sure to be around the corner for the two lovers.


Outlander season 4 sees actors Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan reprising their roles respectively as Claire and Jamie and, for the dye-hard fans out there, it was just announced that the series got renewed through season 6.


Check out the trailer below:




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