Over 200,000 Syrian Civilians Are Fleeing Deraa Following Air Strikes | Politics

Syrian children march in the refugee camp in Jordan. The number of Children in this camp exceeds 60% of the total number of refugees hence the name “Children’s camp”. Some of them lost their relatives, but others lost their parents.


The situation in southern Syria, the Civil War between Assad‘s troops and the rebels sparked back in 2011, has been deteriorating and it has not ceased to affect civilians and bring destruction to an already devastate region.


Despite the apparent ‘cease fire’ policy that should have halted any more bombing on the region, UN officials report that more than 270,000 civilians have been urged to flee the zone, following June’s air-strike on Deraa.


The city, which is considered the “cradle of the revolution” and the home of the rebels uprising, has long been the target of an exacerbating fight between the Assad-regime’s troops, backed by Russia, and the government’s opposition.


The Syrian Civil War, which worsened following the contested presidential elections in 2014, has created an outburst of casualties among civilians and has strained the already flaky situation in the Middle East.


After years and years of air-strikes and raids on the zone from both the US-EU allies and Russia under the false disguise of bringing “peace” and “freedom” to the area, the call for a humanitarian action has gone unheard.


Hundreds and hundreds of people are fleeing Daraa and trying to cross the boarder after being displaced and dismantled from their houses. An official from the Union of Medical Care and Relief Organisations has reported that eight hospitals have been bombed and more than 210 civilians killed with 500 people injured.


Following the concern about the human flow that is moving from the Middle East and Africa to Europe, this last news is the ultimate strike for the Syrian populations. UN officials and doctors from the zone report that the exodus has turned deadly for at least 12 children, while the rest are suffering from dehydration and sunstroke and contaminated water.



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