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Singer and songwriter Owen Danoff has recently unveiled his new single titled “Side Effects”, co-written by the artist with Mike Schiavo, Allen Mattox, and Liv Miraldi. With a Grammy award-winning songwriter father and a mother who owned a restaurant that doubled as a neighborhood music venue, Owen approached to music and songwriting at a young age. In particular, Owen started with the bass and electric guitar, while penning his first songs.


Music, for Owen is all about introspection, intimacy and personal experiences. He has stated: “I started making music because it was a way to say what I couldn’t with words alone. As soon as I realized that, music went from something I loved and appreciated to something I absolutely had to do.” The artist took part to such shows as NBC’s The Voice, before moving to Nashville, TN, where he has collaborated with artists in a number of musical styles.


As the title of the song may suggest, “Side Effects” is a modern pop song about the side effects of love, specifically the ways it affects us after a break up. Soft guitar arpeggios and vocals make the track atmospheric and deeply melancholic. The singer manages to convey his sadness and pain, while lyrics are easily relatable.


Listen to “Side Effects” below:




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