Owen Wilson To Star In Superhero Film ‘Secret Headquarters’ | Film News


Owen Wilson is the latest Hollywood star in hop on board the superhero bandwagon. He’s signed on to star in Secret Headquarters, a family-friendly superhero film from Project Power and Catfish directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman.


Jerry Bruckheimer and Chad Oman will co-produce the film based on a script by Joost, Schulman, and playwright Josh Koenigsberg, although the story is from an original screenplay by Christopher Yost.


The film revolves around a young boy who discovers a secret facility sheltering one of the world’s most powerful superheroes resting beneath his home. When villains come to attack, he and his friends must gear up to defend the hero’s headquarters.


Although this will be Wilson’s first foray into a big screen superhero outing, he is set to appear alongside Tom Hiddleston in the Disney+ series Loki in a couple of months.


It’s unclear right now what tone the film will take. Is it an outright comedy or something inbetween? Joost and Schulman have gradually shifted from darker fare to more populist entertainment over their young careers after beginning with horror films and thrillers. Project Power was also a superhero film for Netflix, so maybe they’ve found their new groove.


Wilson has already starred in Bliss alongside Salma Hayek earlier this year, and he will re-team with frequent collaborator Wes Anderson later in 2021 for The French Dispatch, which boasts a stacked cast that also includes Frances McDormand, Timothée Chalamet, and Saoirse Ronan.



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