Ozi Jarel Unveils New ‘Ca$h’ Single And ‘Baobab I’ EP | Music News

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Ozi Jarel Unveils New ‘Ca$h’ Single And ‘Baobab I’ EP | Music News


Introducing Australian-based Ugandan/Sudanese rapper and poet Ozi Jarel with his new single “Ca$h“, which is taken from his newly released EP titled Baobab I. Produced by Dream Machine and Callum Schalch, “Ca$sh” is the second single from the highly anticipated project, following the well received “WYLF”, which was released a couple of months ago.


Inspired by his upbringing in what has been an ethnically diverse community, Ozi Jarel is a unique rapper and communicator, with an effortless flow, intricate wordplay, strong cadence and clarity, and it shows on “Ca$h”, which is not your typical rap song, taking influences from UK bass music and more closely, UK Garage. Over the up tempo musical backdrop, Ozi flexes his lyrical prowess, wordplay and quick-fire rap flow.


Skimming through the rest of his Baobab I EP, there are other tracks that you’ll enjoy if you like “Ca$h”, such as “Stars” and “Negligence”, which come directly before and after “Ca$h” on the tracklisting respectively. “Legacy” takes on a more soulful hip hop slant, and allows Ozi Jarel some introspection, while the somewhat EP title track “Baobab” featuring Massah Sheriff is also another highlight on the record. Overall the EP’s worth a good few listens.


Since the track was released, it has already been supported by the likes of Triple J, Stimulate Your Soul, and Kane FM, among others, and we’d like to thrown our full support behind this one, the track is really good! Listen to “Ca$h” below and check out the rest of his Baobab I EP on iTunes here.





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