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Palma Violets have recently revealed that most of their tracks from their forthcoming currently un-titled album have been taken from original demos that were made from the band’s writing sessions at The Doghouse studio in Wales. Vocalist and guitarist Sam fryer has made statements about the band’s ‘youthful sound’ and the desire to release un-editied, original music. “It’s best when everything’s fresh”, Fryer said, adding that the band is “a ‘moment’ band. We’re still 21 or 22 and this record sounds youthful. As soon as we heard those 15 demos from The Doghouse, we knew we were making something great”.


The band also divulge that one of the songs on the new album, “Peter And the Gun”, has been written about a dream Fryer had about the bands pianist, “it’s about Pete going on a rampage and killing the local farm boys. Eventually someone finds him in Manhattan just twiddling his guns and humming the words ‘Peter and the gun’“. Other tracks on the record include “Hollywood”, a surf-rock song which the band say is reminiscent of the Pearl & Dean theme, as well as “Danger In The Club”, which they say is “pub rock at its best“.



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