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Panic! At The Disco have released a fourth song from their upcoming album titled Pray for the Wicked. “King Of The Clouds” is equally as manic as previous releases “Say Amen (Saturday Night)”,”(Fuck A) Silver Lining” and “High Hopes”.


The new song is a dreamy pop track that includes heavy guitars and basses. It talks about exploring the ideas of interdimensional travel and multiverses. The song was written by Brendon Urie and the song was birthed by his weed-induced musings that were captured by a friend of Urie’s.


Brendon Urie and company have made it clear that Pray for the Wicked is going to be filled with high-octane, infectious songs. However, the song almost failed to make the album due to deadline issues but Urie revealed in an interview that upon the deadline date for the album to be finished, he had “an hour to get the stems done and mix” for the track.


Listen the track below:




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