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Panic! At The Disco Brendon Urie


Death Of A Bachelor is the first Panic! At The Disco album to feature the “sole survivor” (nicely put, Gigwise) of the original line-up: Brendon Urie. It was released on January 15 and features singles such as “Victorious” and “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, but how has Urie coped with going it alone?


“I got to write and record everything myself – that was a huge moment. I’ve always wanted to do that – it’s how I started as a kid. I’d just play every instrument on my own because I didn’t know anyone that could jam with me. So I went back to my roots in that regard – back to how I taught myself and pushed myself to do what I hadn’t yet!” People have suggested that Urie change the name of the act, but Panic! is still relevant to what Urie wants to do.


Prior to the departure, bassist Ryan Ross was in charge of lyrics, but now that torch has been passed to Urie, who is more than happy with that: “[B]eing able to take over lyrically is really exciting because I’ve never considered myself a lyricist.”


Read the rest of the interview over at Gigwise and purchase Death Of A Bachelor here.



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