Paramore Are Writing New Music According To Hayley Williams | Music News



After a spectacular release of their self-titled fourth studio album, Paramore, and successful tours all across the world, as well as the cruise Parahoy, that became a cause of envy amongst fans that could and couldn’t attend the sea festival, tragedy struck the band once again, when bassist Jeremy Davis called it quits on the remaining members, Hayley Williams and Taylor York, at the end of 2015.


With the band’s future in question and hanging in the balance, it’s reassuring to know they aren’t done yet, as Williams replied to a fan’s tweet asking about a new album, with a simple “haha, i suppose. we are writing it”. There is no confirmation on whether the new album would be released this year or the next, but this should definitely clean up any doubts left in the wake of Davis’ departure.



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