Paramore – Caught In The Middle | Music Video


After releasing their latest studio album, After Laughter, the rock band Paramore created a unique world for their fans to reside in. As a concept album, it surpassed anyone’s expectations of what the next step ought to be for the band – a rather fitting result, considering After Laughter is their fifth album in almost fifteen years.


One of the main themes on After Laughter is depression, inspired by lead singer Hayley Williams’ own struggles with mental health. “Caught In The Middle” is a direct reflection of the disorder, as it starts off with “I can’t think of getting old / it only makes me want to die” and continues in that same vein for the rest of the song.


This week, Paramore premiered a brand new music video, only for “Caught In The Middle”. It follows the theme of vintage aesthetics and an environment that presents the band in a hopeless and lost place.


Watch the music video below:




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