Paramount To Adapt ‘Kill Them All’ Graphic Novel | Film News


Paramount has acquired the rights to the graphic novel, Kill Them All. The studio plans to adapt the material into a film, and has tasked James Coyne to pen the adaptation.


Written by Kyle Starks, the book is described as a love letter to 1990s action movies. It revolves around a betrayed mistress on a revenge streak and a hard-drinking former cop, who team up to take down a crime lord. Unfortunately, the boss rules from atop a 15-story Miami high-rise. Thus, the duo must go floor by floor, cutting through assassins, murderers, Luchadore gang bosses, ex-boyfriends and office workers.


If that sounds very similar to The Raid, well…yeah. There’s a reason Paramount is adapting it. Throw in some 90s nostalgia and this is an easy decision for any studio to make. Josh Applebaum and Andre Nemec, producers of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, respectively, will produce the adaptation.


The duo are also behind the Michael B. Jordan Tom Clancy adaptation, Without Remorse, which will arrive in 2020.


The original Kill Them All book began life on Kickstarter, before Oni Press picked it up.


It was bound to be catnip for studios, as superhero movies and John Wick-esque action films are very popular right now. Hopefully the adaptation can capture the energy of the novel, rather than devolving into a generic action movie for the sake of it. We will wait and see.



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