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“Kill Me as if It Were the Last Time” — Ep#110 — Pictured(l-r): Katie Finneran as Naomi; Esteban Diaz-Estorga as Young Tommy; Jack Davenport as Karl; Lucy Liu as Simone; of the CBS All Access series WHY WOMEN KILL. Photo Cr: Aaron Epstein/CBS ©2019 CBS Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Paramount have just revealed the new trailer Why Women Kill Season 2.


The iconic Paramount+ series is produced by Marc Cherry, creator of Desperate Housewives, and features Alison Tolman, who is back in the role of Alma, a quiet and awkwark housewife with a dull and boring life.


Her only concerns in life are joining the local gardening club and planning her daughter’s wedding, but her life is about to be turned upside down when she discovers her husband’s secret passion.


Season two has welcomed a whole new cast, including Lana Parrilla, B.K. Cannon, Jordane Christie, Matthew Daddario, Veronica Falcón and Nick Frost that will star alongside the lead actress.


In this return, the plot tackles deep and psychological and societal topics such as self-confidence, what beauty represents, and the truth behind appearances, the effects of being ignored and neglected by society and the limits a woman is able to cross to find her place, all of this in the 1950s society.


Through the character of Alma, we discover all the questioning and challenges that a woman can encounter in her life. We are looking forward to this return, which promises to be as good as the first instalment of the series.


Why Women Kill returns on June 3 on Paramount+ for its second season. Check out the trailer here:




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