Paris Hilton Launches Her Own Shoe Collection | Fashion News


If you like Paris Hilton‘s style then pay attention because you’re going to love her latest shoe collection. The new collection features 3 special lines: ‘Oh My!’ full of colours, ‘Must Have‘, inspired by her essential items and ‘Pretty in colours‘, perfect for those endless summer nights. They are already available in stores and online.


Almost all the shoes are metalized, include some studs and nice details and most of them are perfect for either beach looks, parties, formal events and even weddings. They can fit with any outfit you can imagine and you will look perfect in every and each of them.


Hilton has become one of the biggest businesswomen after some projects as an artist, model, writer and something that she will always be: a socialite. She will get married soon – and it is said that her wedding will be inspired by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry‘s one – and we can’t wait to see her amazing wedding.


Said to be the first influencer ever – even when we didn’t know they existed – she is one of the best friends of Kim Kardashian, another big name in fashion and modelling.











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