Parisian Alt-Jazz Songstress Cha:dy Returns With ‘Pink Lemonade’

Taken from her latest EP Manifesto Of Honesty, London-based Parisian singer and songwriter Cha:dy has shared her new single titled “Pink Lemonade” with us. It comes on the back of previously released tracks “Lazy”, “Suffocating” and the Complex-supported “Brother”.

Named after the Arabic word for ‘Melodious’, Cha:dy is known for her brave, open and honest songwriting and her ability to capture poignant moments through her storytelling. Through her music, she narrates her story from the hood of Paris to the streets of London, as well as the ups and downs of life.

Speaking about the inspiration behind her new EP, Cha:dy says, “it’s all the things I needed to confess to myself and to everyone else, it’s the ugly honest raw truth. It’s a big shake of catchy melodies, two confessions, one big secret, a rap track and French and English lyrics combined“.

Of her new track “Pink Lemonade”, Cha:dy adds that, “Pink Lemonade is a fun pop song that describes the heartwarming feeling in the air when the summer comes and you get to enjoy the sunny days with your friends. A time where you can escape the stress and reality of life in your twenties, juggling multiple jobs or university while trying to figure out who you are”.

An alumni of the BIMM, Cha:dy takes her cues from the silly works of artists such as NAO, Janelle Monae and M.I.A, while also incorporating elements of jazz, pop and soul into her music, that is driven by her sultry yet gritty vocals.

Listen to her new track “Pink Lemonade” here:


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