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American artist Pasquale Gee has recently unveiled a new single titled “Haunted”. Pasquale is a singer, songwriter, producer from Brooklyn, New York, and his soulful love ballads and heartbreak anthems have lead him to become one of the most promising newcomers out of NYC.


“Haunted” is one of the five ballads which are featured in his new EP that came out on November 10th. This song was mixed and mastered by John Cleary and is a prime example of the sound that Pasquale Gee brings to the industry.


The authentic lyrics of “Haunted” are about love and relationships. In particular, ss Pasquale has recently said in a statemnent, “‘Haunted’ is a song about the stage in a relationship where its time to move on, but extremely difficult to adjust to the world without being reminded of the past relationship”.


Pasquale’s words are reflected by the song’s lyrics: “So now im haunted by the things that we were / And all our favorite places feel like the worst / I guess I always knew / That a part of you / Would be right there.” Apart fom this, the track is generally characterized by a catchy pop beat, relatable lyrics, and fast paced guitar driven tune. Listen to “Haunted” below:




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