Passport Rav – Malcolm On Twitter | Music Video

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Passport Rav – Malcolm On Twitter | Music Video


Hip Hop artist and producer Passport Rav has released a new track titled “Malcolm On Twitter” in feature with Napoleon Da Legend, alongside the music video to go with it.


This Brooklyn rapper has previously sold out SOBs with Davee East and has also collaborated with Black Thought. Inspired by Kanye West he believes that being producer and rapper is possible and rewarding. In 2017 he has toured London alongside Dre Skuffs, where he got the attention from Clinton Sparks and DJ Kool Herc.


His favorite subject is the black community and its history that he questions in each of his songs. He needs to share messages and he said: “I love to sprinkle ‘bars’ in there with witty lines and living my form of lavishness but at the end, I will always have a message”. He currently uses live instrumentation mixed with jazz and ’90 hip-hop flow.


The titled of his new record “Malcolm On Twitter” is quite evocative. Thus, the track made in feature with Napoleon Da Legend, pays homage to the American Muslim minister and human rights activist Malcolm X.


He questions the achievement of this black leader if he had twitter. How would he be received on social media? Would ‘black twitter’ support or hate? How much influence would he have? It’s an interesting subject considering how social media could impact activism. And the question they’re focusing on is would ‘black twitter’ support him? Can the way we use social media impact History? The duo also criticized social media on collective narcissism and insecurities.


Watch the video for “Malcolm On Twitter” below.




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