Patty Jenkins Finally Announced To Be Working On ‘Wonder Woman 2’ Script | Film News


It’s no secret that Wonder Woman has been a great success, boasting a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and bringing in “$103.3 million in North America over its debut weekend”. Director Patty Jenkins was lauded for her historic success, as was the lead, Gal Gadot, for her strong performance.


Fans have been waiting in anticipation for Jenkins to sign on to the sequel, and can now breathe knowing that she already has a script in the works. The news arrived through Geoff Johns who announced that he and Patty were writing the treatment right now and had a cool idea for the second movie.


Warner Bros.’ choice to stick with Jenkins is a smart move, but also an obvious one. The film not only performed well, but exceeded expectations, which is particularly impressive amidst the growing criticism of Hollywood churning out superhero flicks. Patty Jenkins added something new with Wonder Woman that has excited Hollywood and roused audiences globally. The news simply confirmed what fans had expected.


Nonetheless, the news is still something to celebrate, especially after the original Joss Whedon Wonder Woman script was leaked online last month, which fans labelled as “sexist” and reliant on tropes.


Wonder Woman 2, if anything like the first instalment of the series, is something that all superhero fans can look forward to thanks to the masterminds behind it.



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