Patty Jenkins Nearing Deal To Direct ‘Wonder Woman’ Sequel | Film News

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Patty Jenkins Nearing Deal To Direct ‘Wonder Woman’ Sequel | Film News


Although Wonder Woman 2 was greenlit not long after the first film, with a December 13, 2019 release date too, director Patty Jenkins had yet to officially sign on to direct. However, it now seems clear that she is very close to finalising a deal not only to return to direct the sequel, but also make her the highest paid female director in history.


The reason negotiations have taken a while is that Jenkins rightly felt she deserved a raise – an equivalent of what a man would get paid having directed a massive summer blockbuster – and it looks like she is on the verge of getting her wish.


After Wonder Woman gained very positive reviews and has made almost $800 million worldwide, and especially coming at a time when the DCEU needed a critical hit after negative reviews of previous films in the extended universe threatened to derail it, Jenkins deserves a pay rise.


Reportedly, first time directors on a comic book movie have made between $1.5 and $3 million, while directors returning make substantially higher amounts. For example, Zack Snyder made around $10 million for Man Of Steel, following both Watchmen and 300 earlier in his career.


Thus, Jenkins, despite seemingly having to still battle lingering Hollywood sexism, looks to be on her way to getting rewarded for her hard work in relation to her male peers. It would seem ridiculous to not have her direct the sequel after delivering such a hit, so hopefully once she’s announced as the highest paid director ever, it will be another record Wonder Woman has conquered.



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