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There’s already a great buzz behind Paul Feig‘s reboot of the classic 80’s movie Ghostbusters since he announced he’d love to cast an all female ghost-busting crew! In a recent interview with Empire (via CBM), Feig has been addressing some concerns about the up and coming reboot; “There’s something fun about introducing our world, which has never seen ghosts to the phenomenon of ghosts. I love origin stories and to introduce new characters”.


He continued to talk about the (ridiculous) controversy behind indulging in creating an all female cast; “A lot of people accused it of being a gimmick. I guess I can see the cynics’ view of it, but for me I just love working with funny women. People said, ‘Why don’t you do a mix?’ I’m just more interested in the idea of lady Ghostbusters. It’s the way my brain works”. Right on, Feig! Having a strong female cast isn’t the only change Feig has been talking about either.


The Bridesmaids director commented on how he’d like the tone of the movie to change a little; “I want ours to be scarier than the original, to be quite honest. Katie Dippold and I are so focused on wanting to do scary comedy. We don’t want to hold back”. Writer, Katie Dippold, also worked with Feig on his comedy The Heat starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. While fans of the original film have been a little skeptical about the re-boot in general, I’m really excited to see what Feig and Dippold are going to do with the general premise as well as who exactly he’ll get to don the Ghostbusters uniform!



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