Paul Hogan Is Back In ‘The Very Excellent Mr Dundee’ | Film News


Yes, the original star of the hit Crocodile Dundee franchise, Paul Hogan, will wear his iconic broad-rimmed hat one more time. No, the actor is not heading back to the big screen for a fourth episode of the franchise.


Instead, Hogan is to headline a feature comedy entitled The Very Excellent Mr Dundee, which finds the 78-year-old actor playing himself as on the verge of receiving a knighthood in recognition of his outstanding contributions to comedy. Despite a warning from his manager who begs him not to mess things up, Hogan will see his reputation destroyed in the six-week run-up to the knighting.


Directed by Dean Murphy, The Very Excellent Mr Dundee is slated to begin filming next month across Australia, Los Angeles and Vancouver.



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