Paul Walker’s Brothers Open To His ‘Fast & Furious’ Return | Film News


With the sudden death of Paul Walker in 2013, the Fast & Furious crew were left with the hard task of writing the main character out of the franchise. However, Walker’s brothers have stated that they are open to the idea of bringing Brian back into the films.


His brothers, in-fact, helped finish the seventh instalment of the film, with the help of some high-tech technology, which led to an emotional ending to the character and Walker himself.



The brothers have stated how they would love to see Brian return as a cameo who saves the day. However “it would take a lot of thought, and it’d have to be tasteful. It would have to be tasteful”. It is fair to say that the franchise hasn’t fully felt complete with such an important member of the ‘Furious Family’ missing.


The ninth instalment of the popular film series is set for release in 2020.



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