Paula – How The Hell U Can Fight It? | Music Video


Paula Valentaite, or just Paula, is an emerging Lithuanian artist and she has just released a new single “How The Hell U Can Fight It?” along with a video.


Paula is only 17 years old, but she’s clearly one of the most promising country’s youngsters to break into the international music industry and become a global pop star. She’s been on the stage since her childhood and has already proven to have a maximalist approach for achieving her goals.


The successful Paula’s performance in the national selection of Eurovision 2017 is considered to be the first big step in her professional solo career. The newest single “How The Hell U Can Fight It?” meets all the standards required for the song contest and leaves the intrigue if the artist is planning to participate next year.


The music video for the track shows several very different and charismatic people, who gathered to join Paula and hang out in the skatepark. Stylish and modern – that’s how Lithuania’s youth is presented by the artist. The clip also features some playful computer graphic elements.


Silky and powerful vocals, catchy melodies, dancefloor-ready beats and high quality arrangements prove Paula’s potential to emerge as the worldwide pop music singer. Check out the video for this light pop-track “How The Hell U Can Fight It?” below:




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