Paula Luna Releases Music Video For ‘It’s (Not) Too Late’

After releasing her debut EP during lockdown, London-based singer Paula Luna has dropped her first music video for her single “It’s (Not) Too Late”.

This single is an alternative rock paired with versatile vocals, the interesting mix is due to Paula’s studies in jazz and pop as well as her passion for heavier rock music. She drew her inspiration from pop icons like Lilly Allen and Beyoncé but also from rock band such as Arctic Monkeys and Foo Fighter and all these mix led to a ’90s-reminiscent track.

The song switches between hushed and vulnerable as well as bold and powerful. It starts with the portrayal of heartache, and during the process of the song, it unveils more and more layers of emotional intricacy.

About the video that is accompanying her single, Paula Luna shared: “I wanted the music video to be faithful to reality. I want people to really see themselves in it, to identify their own intimate moments, pain and heartbreak too.

The process of falling out of love involves a lot of looking at the past, of browsing through memories both good and bad, of being brutally honest with yourself while trying to find the truth: is this really the end? Is there no turning back?

The music video was directed by Patricio Alfaro and produced by Paula Luna herself. They shot the video in various locations in London.

Paula Luna was born in Chile but found a home and thrived in London’s indie/grunge scene after years of touring Latin America and the US being the front-woman of different bands such as Tunacola. She has now decided to take on the music scene by herself with a solo career.

Watch Paula Luna’s video for her single “It’s (Not) Too Late” here:


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