Pearl Mackie Will Bid Farewell In ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special | TV News

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Pearl Mackie Will Bid Farewell In ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special | TV News


Pearl Mackie has confirmed, during San Diego Comic Con, that her character Bill will not return to Doctor Who after the Christmas Special. She, thus, leaves the BBC series alongside Peter Capaldi, paving way for 13th Doctor Jodie Whittaker, having had a short lived run of only one full series.


Speaking on a panel, Mackie assured “it’s been such an amazing journey. It’s such an incredible show and it’s so well loved“. She also noted, however, that she would “never say never” to returning to the cult show.


The Series 10 finale saw Bill leaving the Doctor for dead, shedding a tear and leaving, unaware of his regenerative powers. The Christmas Special, however, promises a warm reunion for the Doctor and his companion, if only for a short while.


Bill’s future on the show was previously uncertain, but the news forces further questioning as to where the series is headed, and who will be Mackie’s replacement.


Mackie had been chosen by Steven Moffatt to diversify the cast, Bill being a non-white, gay female. With the 13th Doctor set to be a female, bets are off on who could be Whittakere’s sidekick. Could new showrunner Chris Chibnall break the tradition of the female companion? Or will he take the opportunity to have all-female headliners?


We’ll just have to wait and see what is in store for the show, but for now, you can watch the trailer for the Christmas Special, Twice Upon A Time, below.




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