PETA And Black Score Release Controversial T-Shirt Collection | Fashion News


PETA are known for their sometimes controversial demonstrations. Covering themselves in blood to protest bull fighting, or locking themselves in cages in a campaign to stop animal testing are just a couple of examples. Their latest act is somewhat tamer. Collaborating with the darkly humorous t-shirt brand, Black Score, PETA have released a capsule collection of tees that carry their serious animal rights message.


Featuring cartoon style sketched animals dealing with different issues, including the meat industry, fur and leather. There’s even a nod to the iconic score from Grease the musical, with a tee featuring the play on words ‘get your filthy paws off my wooly draws…’. Simeon Farrar, Black Score designer spoke to Vogue about working with PETA: “they are so passionate and proactive in the crusade against animal cruelty. Black Score is often raising the middle finger for the animal kingdom, so to do it in support of a charity like PETA is a true honour“.


Priced at £30 for a t-shirt and £60 for a sweatshirt, a percentage of each sale will go straight to PETA. You can purchase yours in support of the charity here!




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