PETA Continue To Criticize One Direction For ‘Steal My Girl’ Video | Music News


Animal rights campaigners PETA have continued to call out pop group One Direction with allegations of animal maltreatment in regards to their use of a chimp in their video for “Steal My Girl”, their latest onslaught comes in the form of a full page advertisement in industry magazine The Hollywood Reporter titled “‘No animals were harmed’, really One Direction?”. It has been stated that the group breached animal welfare standards dating back to 1993, while PETA argue that the misuse of animals in the film industry is still a common violation committed today. These animals are often neglected after they have been through such misuse, as they are branded as useless and unprofitable for the industry. One Direction have been urged by PETA to take out the scenes with the chimp, and pledge to stop the abuse of exotic creatures all together. You can see the “Steal My Girl” video, which has already been viewed over 15 million times, below.





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