Pete Doherty Speaks Out About Amy Winehouse | Music News


Pete Doherty, most famously known for being the co-frontman of The Libertines, recently admitted that his latest release “Flags Of The Old Regime” is about the late singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse, and was written immediately after her death. He also recently performed an acoustic version of the song, dedicated to Winehouse, and spoke out about his friendship with her saying, “she was quite a harsh critic. Sometimes we’d get together to write songs and she’d say ‘come on then, play us what you’ve got’ and I’d play a particular chord progression and she’d be like ‘nah, it’s not really good is it Pete?’“. “Flags Of The Old Regime” will be available for sale from March 9, with all money obtained from the track to go towards The Amy Winehouse Foundation, a charity aiming to help give young people a better understanding of drug and alcohol misuse.



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