Pete Townshend – Guantanamo | New Music


In celebration of his 70th birthday, Pete Townshend released “Guantanamo” online. Guantanamo is a powerful blues tune which is critical of the US military prison in Cuba: “Down in Guantanamo, we still got the ball and chain / There’s a long road to travel for justice to make its claim”. It is due to appear on the forthcoming album The Very Best Of Townshend, along with many other solo works such as “Let My Love Open The Door” and “Rough Boys”. Speaking about his new release “Guantanamo” and it’s context, Townshend had this to say: “I thought this song might never see the light of day. But now [that] President Obama has relaxed sanctions in Cuba, it is a happy sign he might go further”. Listen to “Guantanamo” here.




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