Peter Capaldi Is Ready To Say Goodbye To ‘Doctor Who’ After 2017 Series | TV News

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Peter Capaldi Is Ready To Say Goodbye To ‘Doctor Who’ After 2017 Series | TV News

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It is that heart-wrenching moment that Whovians hate the most, as when the Doctor regenerates once again, so ends another era. Following news of Steven Moffat passing on the torch to Broadchurch’s Chris Chibnall as showrunner, it has recently been hinted that Peter Capaldi may be moving on as well. A source close to the BBC spoke with the Mirror, stating that:


“Bosses are already discussing a fresh start when Steven leaves. They’ve been happy with what Peter has brought to the role but some think it might make sense to give Chris his own choice of actor to play the Doctor. They hope he will be able to find someone who can have the same impact as Matt Smith did when Steven Moffat kicked off his run as executive producer”.


This certainly isn’t the first time that such an idea has been thrown around, as even Capaldi himself has suggested that his run might come to an end soon. If so, then this would bring the Twelfth Doctor’s tenure running for three seasons, which is just about the same length as his predecessor Matt Smith. It would be hard to see him go, especially with the unique tempo he carried with him throughout the show, but maybe we can finally see a female Doctor? (Oooooh)


Here’s the Eleventh regenerating to the Twelfth:




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