Petite Mort Fur – Turning Roadkill Into ‘La Mode Haut De Gamme’ | Fashion News


There’s no denying that fur trade is cruel and the internet is littered with examples of poor practices stretching from China to Namibia. However, Vermont-based fashion designer Patricia Pacquin has given roadkill a much needed PR campaign which has changed its fate forever, via her Petite Mort Fur brand. The discarded animal carcasses found on roadsides aren’t worth anything on the side of your average road. Somehow, Pacquin has transformed these skins into desirable accessories, which can cost anything from $380 (£242) to $1000 (£637). All the products are made to measure and these include anything from leg warmers to hand muffs. As the winter months creep up, these accessories would be perfect for anyone and would certainly not be a fashion faux-pas, you can find out about Patricia Pacquin and Petite Mort Fur here.




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