Phantoms Release Remix Of Rihanna’s ‘Work’ | Music News

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Phantoms Release Remix Of Rihanna’s ‘Work’ | Music News



Phantoms are a duo that consists of Vincent Pergola and Kyle Kaplan, the twosome that hail from Los Angeles have released their new remix of the insanely popular track “Work” from Rihanna’s new album Anti.


On their website it states that the pair wants to “create sophisticated arrangements and tension-filled pop that reminds listeners of dance music’s nocturnal foundations. Though only in their mid-20s, the duo are already veterans of the Los Angeles scene. After they began DJing at spots for the “young Hollywood” set, Phantoms began to gravitate towards producing their own music, embracing synthesizers and drum machines, but yearning for something more dynamic”.


Listen to the remix of “Work” below.




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