Pharrell Williams and Al Gore Team Up For ‘Live Earth 2015’ | Music News


Happy man Pharrell Williams recently announced a unique collaboration with former US Democrat Al Gore in the form of Live Earth 2015, set to take place across all seven continents on the 18th of June. Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Williams, who has been announced as creative director for the event, described his last experience with Live Earth in 2007 as “a ball“, and hopes that this upcoming event will see “humanity harmonize all at once“.


Gore and producer Kevin Wall staged the original Live Earth shows in 2007, and the reaction wasn’t as broadly appealing as they had anticipated, with low viewing figures in the UK, partly due to Wimbledon coverage and the recently broadcast concert for Princess Diana, which had attracted a viewing audience three times larger than Live Earth. Wall is looking forward to having Williams as creative director, saying “the power of music is unique, because it’s borderless, without language, Pharrell will use that power. When you combine music with a message, you can effect change“.  The shows will be broadcast by over 100 networks worldwide, with the European leg of the event to take place in Paris to coincide with the December 2015 Climate Change conference in the French capital.



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