Pharrell Williams Plays Unreleased N.E.R.D Song On Beats 1 Radio Show | Music News


Yesterday (August 16) during his ‘OTHERtone’ programme on Beats 1 radio, Pharrell Williams played an unreleased N.E.R.D song titled “Locked Away”. Apart from some music that the band did for the soundtrack of The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water, this is the first work to have surfaced from N.E.R.D since 2010. The song features flourishing synth licks, upbeat drums and a funky bass line all combining to make a jam which leaves one wondering why it never received an official release.


Pharrell’s radio show also had Tyler, the Creator on as a guest. He was treated to an intimate recollection of a comical meeting the N.E.R.D front man had with Michael Jackson, culminating in Pharrell pronouncing MJ as “the king of trolling“. Listen to “Locked Away” here and the full radio show here.



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