Phil Lord & Chris Miller To Direct ‘Artemis’ Adaptation | Film News


In spite of their firing from the Han Solo spinoff, directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller have maintained their prestige, signing on to yet more projects. The pair are now on board to direct Artemis, a film adaptation based on the novel by The Martian author Andy Weir.


The book is actually yet to be released, but that hasn’t stopped 20th Century Fox from striking a deal with Lord & Miller; Simon Kinberg and Aditya Sood are also attached to produce. The success of The Martian on both paper and film has likely pushed the project ahead; Weir’s book has sold more than 3 million copies since its 2014 release, while Ridley Scott‘s film grossed $630 million worldwide.


Artemis tells the story of Jazz, a twenty-something woman, drowning in debt and misery in her small town, Artemis, the only city on the Moon. She can’t say no when a life-changing opportunity drops in her lap, but soon finds herself in the middle of a conspiracy for control of the city itself.


Artemis is just another in a line of projects Lord and Miller have signed onto since rising to great heights with The LEGO Movie. Thanks to their newly found free time after exiting the Star Wars universe, the pair are also in line to rewrite its sequel. The pair are also developing a new TV show titled We Can Do Better.


While the production schedule isn’t known, Andy Weir’s book will be released on November 17 by Crown Publishing Group.



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