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Philip Brooks – So Long, See You Someday | New Music


Philip Brooks is a London-based dream-pop multi-instrumentalist. He has already released three singles, and he’s characterized by heavy sub bass and fuzzy guitars swell into a pinnacling emotional plead. It’s a mix between Bedroom Pop and Indie Rock.


“Spend Some Time Alone Inside My Head” and “I Don’t Know If I Ever Wanna Go Back Home” received almost one million streams across streaming platforms and 3800 playlist features including the Spotify curated Mellow Morning.


Brooks has also tours with the likes of EUT and Tiny Ruins as well as co-signs from peers like Girl In Red. We can say, Philip has quickly established himself as one of the versatile artists of the London scene.


And according to Music Crowns, he “transports the listener to a time that feels distant yet familiar“.


His last release from his upcoming EP Half Alive In A Dream due to be released on November 27, is titled “So Long, See You Someday”. It’s an emotionally-charged and nostalgic indi-pop tunes. He attempts to make sense of the break-up-make-up chaos and pain of modern waiting.


I feel like I need someone to hold, but I know that’s wrong”, he sings, and there is a dichotomy between the danceability of the track and Philip’s heart-wrenching delivery of “I’m so sorry dear but I don’t love you“. This intimate and sincere track will make you dance until you fall in tears.


Listen to “So Long, See You Someday” below:



#Peace.Love.Philipp Brooks

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