Phlow Drops Brand New Six Track ‘Gloria’ EP | Music News

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Phlow Drops Brand New Six Track ‘Gloria’ EP | Music News


Alumni and now judge of the popular Nigerian rap talent contest Hennessy VS Class as well as fire MC Phlow has just released a brand new project to commemorate the new year.


The 6 track EP titled Gloria is the timely follow-up to her mini EP Asuai Vol. 2 and coming off the heels of her magnetic verse from Show Dem Camp‘s “No White Flags“. Long time collaborator and DJ/Producer Teck-Zilla unsurprisingly is in charge of the production alongside Echo The Guru and finds the Lagos rapper embodying her growth and experiences in life and the music industry.


While featuring the likes of soul singer Maka, Afropop singer Khandie (now part of emerging pop group 5quad) and Actor/singer Scarlet, Phlow gets into her own element, taking a more melody-driven approach and dabbles in singing, complimenting her rap form. US rapper Vitamin Cea also makes a notable appearance on the title track and EP opener.




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