Pinegrove – Phase | Music Video


Rock band Pinegrove have just unveiled a new music video for their new single “Phase”. Following the summer release of “Moment”, this is the second single from the band’s upcoming new album Marigold, out on January 17.


While the melody is characterized by energetic and convincing indie rock vibes, the music video is fairly satirical and funny. The protagonist is a person, who has got a stressful working life during the day and funny experiences as sleep-walker during the night. At the end of the video, the sleep-walker eventually joins the band, while performing in a flat, and takes control of the guitar.


As Pinegrove member Evan Stephens Hall said, “the song is more or less about insomnia—trying to sleep but things racing in your mind, looking around your room, looking at things from the perspective of your bed, seeing all the things you could do or should be doing, enumerating tasks, making lists in your head, moving through anxieties & eventually, hopefully, into sleep.”.


The new album will feature eleven tracks in total and will be released via the band’s new label, Rough Trade Records. Pinegrove will kick off a new European tour in 2020, in the meantime, watch the new video for “Phase” below!




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