Pink And Eminem Collaboration ‘Revenge’ Surfaces Online | Music News


It has been long time since we have heard from both artists, Pink and Eminem.
Now they are back and have collaborated on their new single titled “Revenge”. This single was announced last month and fans have been eager to hear the collaboration since it went public that these two artists were working on a track together. The new single is about revenge of the exes.


The two artists have much respect for each others work and Pink talks about their chemistry while they were in studio for a previous collaboration “Won’t Back Down” from Eminem’s 2010 album Recovery saying, “I think he’s one of the most poetic, ballsy, and hilarious people this industry has ever seen,” she said. “I was always afraid he’d pick me as a target [in his lyrics], but he’s always been nice to me and finally approached me to be on the album, so I must have done something right”.


Eminem also recently said about Pink, “I’ve always respected what she does. When we did the track, I heard her on it and knew vocally she’d smash it”.


The single will be released on Pink’s forthcoming album Beautiful Trauma which will be in stores from October 13. Listen to the new collaboration here.




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