Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue – On A Night Like This | New Music


Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue have unveiled a new track titled “On A Night Like This” which is the band’s lead single from their self-titled EP that will be out in early 2018 through YouTooCanWoo.


“On A Night Like This” premiered in an extensive piece on Atwood Magazine who said: “it begs for multiple listens, its sultry undertones seducing our ears again and again as we melt into Mendelsohn’s vivid fantasy”.


Eric ‘Doc’ Mendelsohn who is the newest member in Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue says that “‘On A Night Like This’ is either about coming to terms with the fact [that] the person you need, is not who you want…or it’s about over promising​.


The single has a funky and groovy rhythm that is catchy and super smooth in sound. It’s a nice chilling song to enjoy with friends while hanging out or even getting ready for a night out!


Listen to Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue’s new song “On A Night Like This” below.




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