Pink Floyd


The collection will feature 20 songs and seven hours of unreleased live recordings. But that’s not all. A lot of video material including TV appearances, BBC sessions, three feature films and many more surprises are in the ultimate box set.


The Early Years 1965-1972 will give collectors the opportunity to hear the evolution of the band and witness their part in cultural revolutions from their earliest recordings and studio sessions to the years prior to the release of The Dark Side Of The Moon, one of the biggest selling albums of all time.


The box set is divided into six volumes – Cambridge St/Ation (1965-1967), Germin/Ation (1968), Dramatis/Ation (1969), Devi/Ation (1970),Reverber/Ation (1971), Obfusc/Ation (1972) and an exclusive bonus disc, Continu/Ation.


Pink Floyd Records will also launch a 2-CD highlights album The Early Years – Cre/Ation on Friday, November 11.



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